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Hey there.

Advice Gale is back for the most part.

No one really seemed to care about me, so I just went back to my life.

People could get their advice from Haymitch.

That didn’t work out too well for Catnip and Peeta though.

So, I’m back until I run out of ideas again.

If you want to help, you know how to reach me.

- Advice Gale.

Oh and they made me a new theme. Yahoo.

Anonymous asked: hey you and i should go get married. i'll snare your heart if i have to.

With what snare exactly? One that’ll leave me dangling? Kill me instantly?

Think your plans through, anon.

True that.

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squaresush-deactivated20111002 asked: Is it just me, or has AdviceFinnick just declared war on AdviceGale?
I mean really... whipped?

If there’s war, I want no part of it unless it’s against the Captiol, but, to return my opinion on that lovely comment, I’ll post something shortly.

Hello Dear Followers!

We’re back!

Although we never left, just major technical/creative difficulties.

We are working dilligently to bring you more captions from Gale’s mind,
(Especially now that EW’s cover has my lovely face on it.) 

….. But until then, please submit either in our lovely ask box, or on submissions with this template: 


Thank you, and Down with the Capitol!

- AdviceGale Admin.